Transform Your Outdoor Landscape with these Five Practical Steps

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In 2020, the COVID-19 broke out and left people staying indoors. Surprisingly, many households reevaluated their living spaces and pursued some home improvement projects. Hence, the year was called a “Year of the Home.”

This year, many families have started going outdoors but with restricted movements. However, they’ve gone beyond their houses and thought about improving their outdoor spaces. Thus, the year is considered a “Year of the Yard.” 

That said, now is the best time to transform your landscape amid the pandemic. If you’re looking to improve your outdoor space, here’s what you can do:

1. Install hardscape structures

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a dull outdoor space. All you see are growing grasses, some common plants, and surrounding trees. It’s time to reconstruct your outdoor landscape by installing hardscape structures. Fret not, as we’ve got some recommendations for you:

  • Deck: Build an open space that extends from your house without necessarily a roof. This deck is perfect for outdoor relaxation and family bonding.
  • Patio: Construct a paved area that may either be attached or detached from your house. This patio is ideal for a barbecue party and unwinding outdoor.
  • Porch: Set up a gallery in front of your house. A porch is perfect for enhancing the aesthetics of your home’s façade. This will also allow you to have a perfect view of the outdoor surroundings:
  • Walkway: Install walkways around your garden using concrete, bricks, or natural stones like cobblestone, flagstone, or travertine. Not only will they allow you to walk around your garden, but they can beautify your landscape as well.
  • Driveway: Have a driveway constructed leading to your garage. This will make it easy for you to drive your cars to the garage. With the right materials, it will kick your outdoor landscape up a notch!
  • Water fountain: Consider setting a water feature in your garden. The sloshing waves of water can be relaxing to your eyes and music to your ears.
  • Firepit: Have a firepit installed to spruce up your outdoor space at night.

2. Install outdoor lighting

Exterior lighting has increasingly popular among households. That’s why it’s a good idea to investing in LED light fixtures during this pandemic. But factor in not only their aesthetics but also their safety and energy efficiency.

Exterior lighting at night can transform the overall look of your outdoor space. It can create the perfect atmosphere and set the right mood. Also, it can increase your home’s security at night. This is because it can drive burglars away from your residential property.

3. Enjoy gardening


It’s best to kick off or go back to gardening during this pandemic. If you have a green thumb, this is a good idea as you’re stuck at home and have the time to do so.

Start by growing new flowers, shrubs, and other vegetation in your garden. Don’t forget to trim your grasses and prune your surrounding trees. You’ll be surprised at how the greenery embellished with colored blooms can transform your garden.

4. Hire a lawn care service

If you have a vast yard or lawn, hiring a lawn care service is a good idea. These professionals do not only trim your grasses and provide regular irrigation. They can also perform weed removal, pest control, and disease treatment services for your grasses, plants, and even trees. Hiring a lawn maintenance expert can be your best solution if you find it hard to maintain your lawn.

5. Don’t forget the house exterior

When you’re renovating your outdoor landscape, don’t neglect your house exterior. These exterior parts can contribute to your property’s overall curb appeal. Take note of the following:

  • Doors and windows: They both make the façade of your home. Be sure to upgrade your front doors. Replace them with modern and sturdy ones. On the other hand, have a window cleaning service keep your window glasses spick and span. If not, consider installing solar, privacy, or decorative window films.
  • Siding: It’s a good idea to power-wash or repaint your exterior walls. Pressure washing will do the trick if the walls are filled with dust, dirt, grime, and other debris. But if they look old and outdated, it’s time to give them a fresh coat of paint.
  • Roof and gutters: It’s best to inspect your gutters to see if the shingles aren’t holed, curled, displaced, or gone missing. Be sure to have a roof repair if necessary. While at it, clean your clogged gutters and repair them if necessary.

Improving your outdoor landscape doesn’t have to be daunting and far-fetched to happen. All it takes is to consider some home improvement projects outlined above. By taking some of these practical steps, you’ll be amazed at how you can kick your outdoor space up a notch. Ultimately, all these will help boost your property’s curb appeal and home value.

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