Adding Storage Space: 7 Ideas to Fit More into Your Home

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Finding room for everything is often the most challenging part of keeping a house neat and tidy. Fortunately, adding extra space around your home doesn’t require additional square footage. Simple DIY projects can be all you need to create more space in your house.

Here are seven ways you can bring in more volume to your home.


The first step in adding storage space in your home is removing the things you don’t use anymore. Having clutter around the house can drain energy while costing time and money, no matter how big the home is. Regularly decluttering is a crucial step in creating more storage space in your home. If you want to start your storage space project with ease, it’s best to declutter your house from going room-by-room.

When deciding which items you should keep or toss, remember that if something can still be fixed, like your Dyson vacuum, bring it to the shop for repair. However, for items you want to toss, it’s best to donate them instead of throwing them away.

Convert ‘Dead Spaces’ into Storage Areas

Look for spaces around your home that you can convert into a storage area consisting of shelves or cupboards. You’d be surprised at how many ‘dead spaces’ your house may have, but one of the most commonly neglected areas is the space under the stairs. If you’re not too keen on building an entire cupboard on the spot, you can always construct inset shelves directly to its surrounding walls.

Go Vertical

A unique way to add more storage space to your home is by usingĀ vertical storage solutions. For instance, if you have an old wooden ladder that you don’t use anymore, refurbish it and place it inside your living room to display picture frames and other trinkets. You can also place them inside the bathroom to have more space for your blankets and towels.

Invest in an Ottoman

The ottoman is a versatile piece of furniture with many uses, from extra seating, footrest, or a small coffee table. So, instead of investing in bulky furniture, you can buy an ottoman to save you more space while adding more style and functionality to your home.

Mind the Gaps

If you have open space on your walls, like above your kitchen sink or a large drawer in the living room, take advantage of the vast gap and add some shelving units for a stylish and functional solution. You can use wooden pallets or old wood as shelves to fill in these forgotten spots.

Create a Wall Coatrack

Although traditional standing coat racks are also a great storage saver, having one hang off the wall is even better. Add more storage space in your home by building a convenient wall coat rack beside your house’s different entryways. You can use wooden pallets and double coat hooks to create this storage space solution.

Build a Garden Tool Shed

garden shed

If you have an open backyard and you still place your tools inside your home, it’s time to reconsider your options. You can easily build a dedicated garden tool shed for these tools, adding more storage space and improving your DIY skills. You can make a sturdy garden tool shed with off-the-shelf lumber.

Storage space is a premium in any home, and living in tight spaces shouldn’t hold you back from receiving your storage needs. Following the tips mentioned allows you to live small and store big, making your home more comfortable and functional.

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