Telltale Signs It’s Time for You to Purchase a New Car

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Many people prefer to hold onto their vehicles forever, and though it’s a great keepsake for memories, it can cost you more money — or even your life. That’s why you need to let your common sense kick in and accept that it’s time for you to buy a new car.

Whether you’re planning on buying a new car or a second-hand vehicle, here are five signs, it’s time to let your old car go and purchase a new one.

Frequently Breakdowns and Requires Repairs

Although occasional breakdowns on older vehicles are expected, paying for its repairs once in a while is reasonable. However, when you need to bring your car to the auto repair shop and have it on car mobile column lifts to get checked by the mechanic way too often, it’s likely time to consider getting a new vehicle.

Generally, you wouldn’t want your car to experience over two breakdowns every year. By ‘breakdowns,’ this pertains to incidents preventing the vehicle from being driven and need major, expensive repairs. These include replacements on exhaust systems, replacing radiators, and other engine malfunctions.

The Weather Easily Influences Its Operations

If you have a car that won’t start when it’s raining or cold out or quickly overheats when it’s hot, it’s time to get a new car. That’s because a car’s performance and reliability should never get affected by the weather.

However, this instance usually only happens when a vehicle is extremely old, its battery is at its last ropes, or the radiator needs replacing. So, if you need to cross your fingers when turning the key during a cold winter morning or blazing summer afternoon, it’s time for an upgrade or replacement.

Its ‘Check Engine’ Lights Is Always On

If you notice your check engine light blinking or is always on, it can’t warn you when a serious issue arises in your vehicle. Keep in mind that you should never use your warning lights as ‘neon accents.’ When you go through every bump in the road, and it changes the variety of lights on your warning lights, it’s one of the top signs you may need a new vehicle.

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It No Longer Passes Emission Tests

A sign that your car needs to get replaced is when it no longer passes environmental emissions tests, which can be a problem since most states require car owners to have their vehicles pass emission tests to drive legally on the road. Old cars don’t have the ‘technologies’ that let them emit cleaner air. When you notice your car isn’t passing emissions tests anymore, you may want to consider replacing your vehicle to help you drive safer and not get in trouble with the law.

You’re Spending More on Gas

The more dysfunctional the car is, the less fuel-efficient it will be, as the older the engine is, the more fuel it will take up. Although your car repair expenses may be minimal, those trips to the gas stations can add up quickly. However, the costs will depend on how far or often you drive every week.

The scenarios mentioned are just some many signs you should look out for when dealing with an older car. However, if you or your passengers generally feel unsafe or uneasy when riding the vehicle, it’s time to begin car shopping — never compromise safety.

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