Save More for Less: Why An Old Car Is The “Better” Car?

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Let’s face it, cars depreciate over time. It’s become a bad investment, especially in the rise of ride-sharing applications, where you can easily book a ride from one point to another. That is why opting to a second-hand is seen to be more practical than paying for brand new.

There are several considerations to make before finally getting your car. First, you have the engines, carpets, or the history of the vehicle itself. Old and used cars are understandably more affordable. When the price is way lower, then maybe you should look for other models or sellers that offer a reasonable price range.

Another thing to note is the size of the car. It can be an SUV, a van or even a hatchback depending on your preference. You can always check with car mechanics about the reliability of each part of your car. You must prioritize regular check-ups in case of damage while the car is in transit.


We all want to get our cars for different reasons. For example, most buyers eye a pre-owned SUV because of its space, versatility, and affordability. Without even realizing, choosing this path can improve and fix traffic problems. It’s been an environmental concern for cities around the world to have to look for remedies to clean the air caused by carbon emissions from vehicles. The idling of cars because of congestion will further propagate pollution if not resolved ASAP.

Different car dealers offering pre-owned cars believe that the better car is, of course, an old one. Not only do you save money but you also help in reducing waste in landfill areas.

Free for customization

woman inside the car

Another perk of driving a used car is you get to enjoy the rest of what you could’ve spent on customization. Auto shops will provide you inexpensive add-ons for your car from window tinting, nitrogen in your tires, anti-theft devices, wheel locks, or chrome-plated wheels. You can also get a lower premium rate with an insurance company that offers services and other benefits they can provide based on your agreement.

Low cost from purchase to premium

New cars typically carry a higher interest rate when insured which means that you, as the owner, would pay a higher consideration based on your car’s worth or market value. Your annual registration would also cost you less as generally, rate levels in the 5 years of the vehicle. It’s indeed a money saver to maintain an old one than purchasing a new car.

In today’s economic condition, you can’t afford to rush into deciding to buy anything grand and new. You need to step on the brake first and think of the different implications of a car, whether new or used, before purchasing one. You should consider the different implications of your finances and the environment as well before you proceed.

Although, many suggest that going for a newly manufactured vehicle is always safe and secured, vehicles now are made better as reports reveal crucial details about a car’s history and several certified pre-owned (CPO) programs offer a fair guarantee that their car models are in their tip-top shape since day one.

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