Five Fixes and Features That Will Boost Your Home’s Value

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Looking at home interiors magazines may make you feel quite envious with the luxurious spaces that you believe you could only reach in your dreams. But if you try to become a bit more realistic and ambitious, you may realize that you can do the same to your home — only if you are willing to invest in some upgrades and fixes.

With creativity and the right budget, you can make your home look like it has come straight from an interior magazine or brochures of IKEA or Pottery Barn. If you are looking for some great ideas, here is a list of five features to consider incorporating into your home design:

High Ceilings

One common thing about luxurious interiors is the immense amount of breathing space. These spaces may even give off some ethereal vibe. All this is possible through the use of high ceilings. If you can’t afford to raise your roof, you can use some illusion techniques here. For one, raise your window treatments up to the ceiling. If you want to take a step further, a mirror installed onto the ceiling will render the room much more spacious.

Large Windows

Large windows are another feature of opulent homes. This is quite easy to execute, as there are many contractors that can do it as soon as possible. Just pick which side of your home will have these large windows. Just make sure that the side you are trying to renovate will give you uninterrupted and beautiful views of the outdoors. While you are at it, dress them up with interior window solar shades to control the amount of natural light coming in.

Glass Walls

Inside your home, you may want to break down the walls to make the space much bigger. But if you want to make it clear that there are still boundaries, you can install some glass walls or sliding glass doors. If this is too bare for you, you can always take inspiration from French design; install French doors to make your space much more interesting.

Luxurious Lighting


Your design efforts will be an exercise in futility if they are not complemented or accented by proper lighting. As much as possible, leave your fluorescent or white LED lights to rooms, such as kitchens. Or opt for lighting set-ups that have different modes and moods. In general, keep your lighting warm. For elegance and minimalism, go for recessed lighting. But if you want to have industrial aesthetics, track lights may do the trick.

Color Coordination

The color palette of your home can tell a lot about its luxuriousness, so be careful with your choices. For one, always go for neutrals, as these are the safest picks. Just accentuate them with darker colors and popping hues. See to it that your furniture pieces and design items, such as sculptures and paintings, go well with your base color.

Let Your Creativity Run Wild

At the end of the day, it is your home. And it is your call to define what luxury is. Do not be too conscious; instead, take this opportunity to exercise your creativity. The rules above are just some of the foundations.

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