Bigger and Brighter: Ways to Make Your Home Look More Vibrant

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If you’ve been blessed with a home that lets you enjoy some natural lighting, consider yourself lucky. However, if you live in an apartment where there’s some serious light scarcity, making your living space look big and bright can be a lot more challenging. It’s hard, but it’s not exactly impossible. In fact, it’s one of the most common interior design issues experts try to solve all the time. But, if a major renovation isn’t exactly an option right now, there are some decorating tricks you can apply to make a dark room look much brighter.

Having a well-lit living space isn’t just about making it look more appealing. It’s also about improving your overall mood productivity. When your home is bright and airy, you feel a lot better and it lowers your stress level as well. Here are some ideas on how to turn your house it into a light-filled haven:

Begin with the light sources

Of course, the first place to start this project is through your home’s lighting system. There’s nothing better than bringing natural light into your home, especially during the summer and spring season. But, if this isn’t an option, you need to get creative and find out ways to fill in the gaps. The best way for artificial lighting to simulate a natural light source is by hanging it as high as possible. Recessed lighting is effective in doubling the amount of brightness in any room. This isn’t just limited to their ceilings. You can create recessed lighting into your cabinets for that additional warmth and goal.

Limit your use of window coverings

Windows at the guestroom

The more window coverings you have, the less light gets into your home. So, switch things up a bit and go for light-colored, lightweight window coverings like roman shades or sheer curtains. This way, your windows appear more open and airy. Like your lighting source, hang these curtains high. You can always switch to thicker insulated shades during the colder season. This trick is fairly simple and won’t cost you a lot of money. Your home will feel refreshed and you’re sure to enjoy the new look that comes with your seasonal curtain changes.

Hang mirrors strategically around your living space

When thinking about ways to brighten up a home, your immediate thought would be to add as much light as possible. While that could definitely work, it wouldn’t exactly be the most aesthetically-appealing arrangement you’d want for your home. So, what’s your other option? Add some mirrors. This is an effective way to multiply the amount of brightness in your home without actually adding more light sources. The best places to put mirrors are next to your windows and doors where natural light comes in. You can expect the light to bounce off these mirrors and flow right into your living space.

Make it naturally beautiful

Finally, add some bright-colored plants to your West Melbourne house and land. What else can make a space look more lively than a thing that’s actually alive? Great indoor greens include the snake plant, which adds vibrancy to your space and in turn, lessens your stress levels.

Home should be a place where you feel safe and relaxed. Light is a significant factor in creating that feeling. Make your space more vibrant and improve your mood by following these recommendations. With proper natural and artificial lighting, proper window coverings, and beautiful indoor plants greeting you as soon as you open the door, who wouldn’t want to rush home?

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