Making Your Yard Look Its Best without Spending Too Much

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Landscaping costs are far from cheap. New grass seed, topsoil, and front shrubs could cost you $3,000 while professional landscaping and patio installation costs could go as high as $20,000. On average, landscaping would set you back $10,000. But it isn’t the only way to make your yard look presentable.

There’s no reason to shell out a lot of money just to make your yard look good. All it takes are patience, perseverance, and a whole lot of dedication to clean it up and make it look awesome.

Take note of these cost-effective ways to keep your yard in great shape all year round.

Make sure your yard stays pest-free.

One surefire way to keep your yard in tip-top shape is by investing in pest and tick control. It doesn’t cost as much as landscaping renovations. Also, what good is a lawn full of flowers and with an eye-catching fountain if pests are damaging the plants and mosquitoes are constantly attacking you?

Regular pest control aside, consider these ways to keep bugs and insects away:

  • Install patio fans in your outdoor living space. The breeze keeps flies and mosquitoes away.
  • Regularly clean out your gutters and downspouts. They’re potential insect breeding sites.
  • Use your lawnmower and garden shears regularly. A tidy yard helps keep bugs away.
  • Add pest-repelling plants such as basil, lavender, citronella, rosemary, and chrysanthemums.
  • Paint your house and porch in lighter colors — pests tend to gravitate toward darker colors.

These tips hit two birds with one stone. Along with professional pest control, they help keep your yard pest-free. At the same time, they contribute to a more aesthetically pleasing environment.

Check whether you have a green thumb.

You don’t need to spend so much on professional landscaping and patio renovation services to make your lawn look good. Get down and dirty with mother nature by testing your green thumb.

First, try planting flowers and shrubs. You may opt for perennial flowers, such as roses and peonies, which bloom throughout spring and summer. Alternatively, you might want to consider growing your own vegetable garden. In addition to making your lawn look good, it could reduce your monthly food budget.

person planting

Second, trim the greens and pull the weeds. An overgrown lawn makes your outdoor space look dreary and dirty. So, regularly trim those trees, shrubs, and plants. And remember that weeds are your lawn’s greatest enemy — next to pests, that is. So, dedicate some time to spotting and pulling them out.

Finally, don’t forget to lay down some mulch. You want a thick enough layer to protect plant roots and prevent weeds from growing. But be careful not to put too much mulch because it can suffocate roots or, because of excess moisture, encourage pests or plant diseases.

Find ways to make your yard livable.

There’s more to making your yard look its best than scheduling pest control and tending to your lawn. The outdoor space has to look like a place your household and guests would want to hang out in.

If you’re into DIY work, there are a few ways you can make your yard.

  • Build a firepit by using some flat stones and cement or mortar. It adds warmth to your yard.
  • Dig a small pond into your yard. Add lilypads, fish, and turtles to make the garden livelier.
  • Install a birdbath that attracts birds to your space — you can get good deals for under $50.

Of course, a lawn isn’t complete if it doesn’t have at least one bench. You can visit yard sales and antique shops to get a good deal. If you find an old bench that doesn’t look its best, you can simply sand it out and plan a paint job to match your surroundings. Place it under a tree or next to your flower garden.

Consider how the rest of your space looks.

You know when people say you might be missing the forest for the trees? The same thing applies to your yard. You might be focusing too much on how the lawn looks that you forget the rest of your space.

Make sure your house looks as good as your yard. This means power washing the walls and the roof when they look dingy or grimy. You might also consider painting over front doors and deck railings to make the place look good as new.

When you step back, not only will your yard look good. Your entire property will end up looking great!

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