Why Living in Utah Is A Breeze for Many

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Smack dab in the middle of Arizona and Idaho is Utah, the 45th state of the USA. While some people only know it for its capital Salt Lake City, the state of Utah is widely recognized as one of the most charming places in the country that has historical and natural roots, also deemed as the third-highest state among all others. This makes living in the state a great experience for most, as they’re given a multitude of boons that make up for only a minimal number of banes.

Its housing situation is easy and economical.

No, it’s not as easy as pitching a tent under the stars off in the mountains of Utah, but a permanent housing situation in the area isn’t hard to come by. There’s been an impressive amount of new construction, finished and ongoing, popping up around Salt Lake City, Provo, or the Ogden region. Not to mention the fact that maintenance of the properties will ideally be easy for its homeowners. Plumbing acting up? Not a problem, there are many plumbing companies around the area to assist you. Heaters not working well? That’s okay; there are plenty of numbers you can call to repair your water heaters no matter the location, be it Salt Lake City or the less established areas.

The snow is like no other.

Everyone knows Utah has one of the most picturesque snow sceneries in the country. Some have even gone so far as to say that Utah has the greatest snow on Earth. Although this may be pushing it, it is still acknowledged to some extent that Utah’s average snow density of 8.4% is a remarkable feat. The area’s climate allows for snowfall to remain right-side up, with the fluffy and picture-perfect snowflakes on top and a water-dense base layer down below.

It is a natural beauty.

To date, Utah has five national parks that each provide variations on a specific theme—petrified Jurassic sediments sculpted by wind, water, and time—but each one is unique and picks at the interest of many in their ways. Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, and Arches show some of the most picturesque rock formations in the state. The parks are a natural masterpiece, something even the locals make time to visit—not just tourists. They are not ones to be missed.

Its job market is healthy and thriving.

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While Utah is sparsely populated compared to other US states, its job market is thriving and has the potential to improve from there. Its unemployment rate remains low and has been on a slow decline since 2010, when it was initially at 8%. Salt Lake City was also recognized as one of the best cities for creatives in 2018, and speaking of the capital city, it also doubles as a travel hub. Its Delta hub is second in size only to Atlanta among US Delta hubs. Thus, living around the area is made that much easier.

The state of Utah stays true to its slogan, “Life Elevated.” It has a perfect mix of economic and natural factors that allow for a comfortable day-to-day living for the average American. Living around the area remains to be a convenience for most. No wonder people love to come here, and not just for the tourist spots!

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