Who Are The Biggest Landowners in the World?

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Land investment is one of the smartest investments an entrepreneur could do. On top of the limitless opportunities that you could do when you’re a landowner, you can enjoy minimal maintenance necessary to keep the land in good condition. It’s definitely a wise choice for you if you’re one of those aspiring investors currently looking for land for sale in places like Geelong Victoria and some other areas of the planet.

The land you or a typical person will buy, however, is nothing compared to what these landowners have. Here are a few of the biggest landowners in the world – just in case you want to know who your competition is:

Zhongding Dairy Farming & Severny Bur Shareholdings (9.1 million hectares)

Considered as the world’s largest farm, the land stretches over 9.1 million hectares and is in China, specifically in the Mundanjiang City Mega Farm. This property is co-owned by the Russian Company, Severny Bur and is said to be the country’s supplier of dairy. This piece of land is huge — it’s about the size of Portugal.

Gina Rinehart (12 million hectares)

There are many notable Australian landowners, but one thing that sets apart Rineheart is that she’s known to have earned her wealth through mining. Rinehart inherited her properties from her father has continued to impressively in accumulating land and properties. In 2016, she bought up the majority of the planet’s biggest private land-holding, which became an addition to her already staggering number of properties. She also owns 21 cattle stations, making her the richest woman in Australia — and one of the richest women in the world.

The Inuit People of Nunavut (35 million hectares)

The inheritance story of the Inuit is nothing short of inspiring. The Inuits are an indigenous group of people from the North of Canada. The government in 1993 had ruled the return of the land to its rightful owner. This then resulted in the creation of the territory called Nunavut in 1999. This land is one of the only territories to be owned by an indigenous group that managed to preserve its culture, for it is collectively owned by the Inuit people.

The Pope / The Catholic Church (71.6 million hectares)

vatican city

The staggering size of 71.6 million hectares is believed to be owned by the Catholic Church – which is an area bigger than an entire country (France). Despite the world changing its beliefs over the years, it still cannot be denied that the Catholic Church remains one of the most powerful and wealthiest institutions in the world.

Queen Elizabeth II of Cambridge and The Commonwealth (2.7 billion hectares)

By far the biggest landowner of the planet is Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. She is the legal owner of about 2.7 billion hectares of land as the head of the British Commonwealth. That amount of land surface takes up about a sixth of the entire planet.

These are the biggest landowners in the world. When you look at these numbers, it’s definitely normal to wonder if there’s still even an unoccupied land on earth.

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