Which Home Maintenance Experts Can Help Restore Your House?

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Most folks who own a house will tell you it’s great. You have privacy, autonomy, and a little private oasis to call your own. You can do as you please: plant a garden, install a pool, paint the walls purple, or dance with the cat in the kitchen. It’s a sense of freedom that’s unparalleled.

It’s fabulous until stuff starts to wear out, break down, or, the worst – a natural disaster hits. Suddenly, the house becomes an albatross around your neck, and it wants time, money, and other things you may be too overwhelmed to give. While it helps to be handy, and most homeowners can do minor repairs and general upkeep, complete restoration of one or more areas of your house should be handled by professionals.

But use caution when hiring, no matter how in need you may be. There’s a movie with Tom Hanks called The Money Pit. While it was hilarious, it totally hit the mark on what can happen when you buy a fixer-upper and unwittingly hire less-than-capable (and honest) contractors. So be sure to do your research before signing a contract with any professional. Whether you’ve just bought a fixer-upper, suffered damage from a disaster, or some parts of your house are worn out, this blog will help you identify home maintenance experts who can restore your house.

1. Septic Tank Cleaners

When you own a home, your wastewater will be collected and treated in one of two ways. The first is a sewer system where waste will travel from the pipes in your house through the sewer and eventually land at a water treatment facility. The second way is when the waste water is collected into an underground septic tank on your property.

Septic tanks are typically made from concrete, plastic, or fiberglass. The waste relies on bacteria to break it down for most of it to turn into sludge, eventually draining into the soil. However, a top layer of fat and oils usually remains and must be cleaned out at least once a year.

Should your tank become clogged, it could overflow. This could cause a massive mess in your yard and be a potential health hazard. Professional septic tank cleaners would need to be called for remediation. This is costly, and you would probably need to vacate your home until the problems are solved. So it’s best to pay for an annual inspection and cleaning.

2. Garage Repair Services

We don’t think about how important our garage doors are until something happens to them. Imagine not being able to get your car out, the lawn mower, or any of the tools you need for home repairs! What’s worse is that more and more people are using their garages for extra living spaces like home offices, so these doors are essential and should be taken care of. Normal wear and tear can affect the functioning of your door, so you should always be on the lookout for signs that the door needs maintenance.

If the door is slow to open or close, appears shaky or stops while opening, or makes squeaky or grinding noises, these are all signs you need a garage door company to service the door. Other signs your garage door needs help include loose springs, frayed cables, and an uneven or bent track. Sometimes, you’ll need repair or an entirely new door due to a sudden event.

Perhaps a storm came through, and a tree fell, hitting the door, or maybe someone in the family was distracted and accidentally put the car in drive rather than reverse. In either case, you’ll likely need a new door. But don’t get upset; insurance will probably pay for a replacement.

3. Plumbers

You may need the help of residential plumbing services for various reasons. Perhaps you’re simply updating your pipes, fixtures, or appliances. A plumber will come and start by giving you an estimate of the work needed. They’ll be able to change decaying old pipes with more functional and healthier materials.

They can install new sinks, toilets, dishwashers, and water lines for refrigerators. Professional plumbers will ensure everything is up to code and your home’s plumbing complies with local and state regulations. Unfortunately, most calls to a plumber occur due to an emergency. We’ll usually contact them due to a leak, clog, or burst pipe.

These scenarios can cause damage and disruption to our home if not repaired quickly. Emergencies tend not to happen during regular business hours, so a good plumber can be challenging to get a hold of for an emergency visit. You should consider finding a reputable local plumber and signing a service contract with them. You may pay a bit more upfront, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be covered for emergency restoration service at a reasonable price should the need arise.

4. Tree Removal Services

All too often, people need to call a tree removal service after a storm, flood, or other disaster has brought it down on their home or, worse, a neighbor’s home. A professional tree service can remove the tree from the structure, chop it up, and haul it away. They’ll also take care of any remaining parts of the tree. While it’s comforting to know that this type of service is available to help restore our home, this type of service is typically costly. If you have trees on your property, you may want to consider having the tree service come and inspect them before they cause damage.

A tree removal company will be able to tell you if your tree is in good shape or not. You often don’t even need a professional to speak to you; you can see them for yourself. Signs of a dead or dying tree include lack of leaves, dead branches, insect infestation, fungi on the bark, mushrooms around the base, peeling or cracked bark, and yellowing leaves.

If you see any of these signs, it may be time to have the tree removed. If you feel guilty, remember a dead tree is a safety issue, and you’re protecting your family and neighbors. You can always plant a new tree in its place.

5. Landscapers

A local landscaping company can help keep your lawn, bushes, and shrubs. They will not only mow and edge your yard but will trim bushes and ensure everything green is kept tidy. A landscaper will keep weeds at bay by laying mulch and spraying weed killer. They can perform seasonal clean-ups, removing leaves and debris so your yard is ready for the snowblower in winter and the lawnmower in spring.

If needed, your landscaper can seed and fertilize your lawn so the grass grows lush and colorful. Sometimes, a landscaper will work with a hardscaping company to install pathways, decorative items, and retaining walls. While all of these tasks help restore the exterior of your home to its natural beauty, they can also help prevent problems. Proper landscaping and hardscaping can help with drainage and runoff and avoid flooding. They can also trim and prune trees, preventing damage to your property.

6. General Contractors

A general contractor is a professional who can help homeowners update areas of their homes, as well as building additions, as well as make general repairs. They often employ subcontractors like plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and interior designers to help get a project completed. They may also work with an architect, following their blueprints depending on what’s being done.

A general contractor will typically oversee the work being done on your home to ensure that everything is being done correctly and on schedule. They may order materials and work with vendors. They’ll be your primary contact during your home’s restoration.

7. Gutter Services

Owning a home means paying attention to and maintaining areas we may have never given a second thought to before. One of those areas is usually our gutters. These vital structures often go unnoticed as they’re hidden away, almost camouflaged by other house parts. But they play an essential role in the proper functioning of our homes and need regular maintenance.

Gutters provide water management for the area around our home. They collect the water runoff from the roof and send it through the downspouts away from our property. This helps prevent flooding. However, over time, leaves and debris will build up and can clog the passageways.

While you can undoubtedly clean the gutters yourself, there are many reasons you may be unable to. Luckily, you can call a gutter cleaning company to do it for you. These professionals will ensure the gutters and downspouts are squeaky clean and ready for the season.

8. Floor Installers

Our floors are exposed to constant wear and tear. When you think about it, they’re the most used part of the home. They’re always in use; we’re constantly dropping things, spilling things, tracking dirt, snow, and mud all over them. Our floors take a beating, so sooner or later, we’ll need to replace or restore them to their former beauty.

Floor contractors can help you with this task and guide you on what flooring best suits your family’s needs. For example, if you’ve got pets and small children, a flooring specialist will likely suggest luxury vinyl. This synthetic material gives the appearance of natural wood or stone but is scratch and water-resistant and is safe and comfortable.

So you get a lot of long-lasting and easy-to-maintain flooring solution that looks attractive and can match your decor. Flooring contractors can also work with you to install tile flooring in the bathroom, hardwood planking in the finished basement, and linoleum in the garage.

9. Home Remodelers

You may call a home remodeling company when you need updating, renovation, or demolition done to part of your home. A home remodeling professional is similar to a general contractor in that they oversee projects and work with various professionals. However, they are more specialized in what they do.

For instance, if you need new kitchen cabinets, you’d call a kitchen remodeling company. If you want to gut a bathroom after water damage destroys it, contact a bathroom remodeling company. While there’s nothing wrong with using a general contractor for most jobs, a home remodeling contractor typically has expertise in a specific area and knows the latest materials, techniques, and regulations. They can give you more insight and guidance on how to go about your project.

10. Roofers

At some point, every homeowner will need a visit from their friendly neighborhood roofing service. It’s like a visit to the dentist; you know you’ll eventually have to see them, and it’s better to do it sooner than later. A new roof can last about 30 years, provided no natural disasters or unusual wear and tear come. But chances are, when you bought your house, the roof was not new, so it’s likely you’ll need a roofer during homeownership.

It would help if you had the roof inspected periodically to check for damage. This way, you can fix issues before they get out of hand and are more costly than they need to be. Signs that you need a new roof include loose shingles or asphalt, leaks, mold and mildew, high energy bills, sagging, and chipping. If you notice any of these things, you should call a roofing company and ask for an inspection.

If caught early, roofing issues can be fixed quickly. Ignoring roofing problems can not only cause you to need a new roof but may require you to replace other parts of your home. If you’ve had leaks in your roof for a while, it may have done water damage to insulation and drywall. Typically, this damage represents mold or mildew, which can make you sick and need repair. In the worst case, water can affect your electrical system, destroying it or causing a fire.

Having something go wrong with your house is always upsetting. Our minds immediately go to the time and money we need to repair the damage. While home restoration and repair are never fun, finding the right professionals can help ease your mind.

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