Smart Home Office: Working from Home Made Easier

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Working from home has never been more convenient. Having a designated home office offers a relaxed and peaceful work environment, reduces time and money in daily commutes, and provides manageable working conditions that fit your taste. This allowed employees to become creative in their workstations and establish a comfortable routine that promotes productivity.

Do a quick Google search of “home office ideas,” and you’ll find millions of related articles about home office designs and ways to build your own home office. People have been crazy about creating their home offices that they’ve been investing in sophisticated furniture and decorative pieces. One example is the Roman shades custom-made for a modern window treatment. They give any room a warm and natural element. This decorative piece also allows control over interior illumination to get the desired brightness level when working.

Among other things to optimize your home office is to fill it with functional technology to reduce unwanted clutter and distractions. The tech market offers a range of must-have devices to get you more productive and efficient at work. These are smart home office gadgets that will make your work-from-home lifestyle more convenient than ever.

Smart desk solutions

Working from home is not equivalent to a vacation leave, no matter how bad we wanted it to be. But since we have to work within our living spaces, there will be moments when we feel too unproductive to work. Most employees blame it on their workspaces at home, especially those who work on their beds and don’t have a dedicated workstation.

It’s always a good idea to invest in a proper table or desk like the ones you have at the office. One example is the lap desk, a light and portable table which you can carry around the house. Instead of lying on the bed with the laptop on your lap, the lap desk allows you to stay comfortable and focus on your work. It can also accommodate other items, such as the keyboard, mouse, and smartphone.

Tech companies offer a variety of lap desk options to make the average home office more comfortable. For example, a stand-up balance board lets the user burn calories and stay energized the whole day. It has different modes for sitting and standing to maintain a proper sit-stand working posture.

Electric desks are also becoming a huge trend. There’s the electric standing desk that promotes wellness and productivity by allowing the user to adjust its height with a single push of a button. If you want to work while losing weight, you can try an electric desk bike that lets you pedal underneath the desk while working.

Smart lighting


A smart home is never complete without connected lighting systems (CLS). They serve as the cornerstone of every smart home and offer a range of benefits for remote workers. Generally speaking, smart lighting is not just about convenience, they are eco-friendly by saving money and energy use in the process.

When it comes to home office setups, smart lighting with adjustable bulbs is the one you need. Smart light bulbs allow the user to adjust the color, temperature, and brightness depending on your preferred illumination. These bulbs have different brightness levels from cool, bluish, bright, and warm orange glow. Those with a bigger budget can invest in a smart lamp that automatically adjusts its brightness based on local daylight levels and ambient lighting conditions.

Smart lighting has switches and plugs connected to speakers, smart home hubs, and voice assistants, allowing the user to control the lighting around the room through timers or voice commands. Others have advanced smart features with access to different light settings, such as “relaxation mode” or “work mode”. These features add variety and personality to your home office, especially during Zoom meetings or any online presentation.

Smart speakers

If you find yourself perpetually distracted while working from home, smart speakers are your best friend. Music or soothing sounds are key to staying productive and focused at work. While others opt for noise-cancellation headphones, you can fill your home office with relaxing tunes through smart wireless speakers. These speakers have a robust audio system that offers smart assistant control in a powerful package.

Another great appeal of a smart speaker is you can connect it to various smart devices at home. Using a voice assistant, you can easily manage your schedule, check the calendar, send alerts for screen time breaks, create reminders, and play relaxing sounds to promote concentration.

While remote working has allowed employees to work closer to home, it also comes with a few hurdles that can ruin productivity. Smart devices are making the work-from-home setup convenient by helping employees get things done easier. While they may be a little expensive for your budget, they still make a great investment for your home office needs.

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