Safety and Security Tips for New Homeowners

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Be it a property that you’re planning to sell eventually or one that you’re intent on keeping for life, you need to think about the importance of safety and security. Homeownership doesn’t end with just buying a home and signing the dotted line. It involves a lot of maintenance and ensuring that your home is safe and secure from dangers, both man-made and natural. Below are some tips to help you in making sure that your home is safe and well guarded.

Install Railings and Grab Bars Where Necessary

Falling hazards remain one of the most significant sources of home injuries. Falling from an elevation without railings is, unfortunately, a common domestic accident. Of course, there are building codes that prevent this from happening, which is why we should always adhere to them. However, when we make upgrades to our home, we often neglect to factor in the safety features. If you’re having a pool built, consider using a pool fence and gate to prevent small children or pets from running to it. Put handrails or grab bars in locations that would be best for it: your bathroom, near the doors, and stairs. If you have elderly people or children living with you, these can make their living experience not only safe but also convenient.

Childproof Your Home

Whether you have children or not, it’s still nice to have a house that’s child-friendly. For example, having railings that bar toddlers from falling from the second floor is very helpful even if you don’t have kids of your own but have other family members visiting now and then. Of course, if you already have a baby or if you are expecting, it’s best to be prepared for the safety of your little one. You can get a baby-friendly rug that’s easy on your baby’s knees, safety latches for cabinets, and drawers so they won’t accidentally open them. Installing a baby gate for your stairs or the kitchen so they don’t wander into areas you don’t want them to.

Think about Your Pets, Too

If you have a pet or two, it’s a good idea to also think of their safety at home. This doesn’t only mean getting a pet camera and checking up on them while you’re out the house. Other factors might potentially hurt your pets. Dogs, for example, do not do well on hard and slippery flooring. This type of flooring may be pretty to look at and easier to clean, but it is a slipping hazard for pets, especially when they are running. Consider carpeting portions of your flooring instead so that it would be easier on your pet’s paws and joints.

Install Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, and Other Early-Onset Detectors

smoke alarm

The most important tip for any kind of safety is always prevention. That’s why an early-warning system, such as a good smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide detector, is invaluable. Having one installed in your property is perhaps the best way to cut expensive repair or hospital costs, as it can prevent situations entirely. Have different types of preventive detectors installed, too. Things like gas detectors, motion sensors, and even flood sensors can go a long way, especially if you live in an area with a particular vulnerability to these. Prevention is always the best cure and is the most important safety and security tip you should always remember.

Change Your Locks

If you purchased a used house, the first order of business is to change the locks. Regardless of how much your realtor assures you that your neighborhood is safe, locks are still an important part of guaranteeing your safety. Even when buying pre-built homes, changing the locks to something new is important. You don’t really know who has access to the property, and by changing knobs and locks around the house, you’re ensuring that you’re the only one with access.

Install Up-to-Date Security Systems

Of course, protecting your family from forces of nature or random accidents is important. But, you also need to remember to protect them from those with malicious intent. Invest in a good and up-to-date security system. Secure the intentional and unintentional entry points to your home with sensors. Doors, windows, attic doors, and other openings that can invite wrongdoers should be protected with an alarm system. Installing closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras also works wonders in having evidence should a need arise. But more importantly, it also acts as a deterrent, keeping wrong-doers away.

Safety and security are among the most important considerations when building a home. Especially if you’re buying a pre-built or used one, it’s something you need to make sure of. Regardless, it’s not something to overlook — it’s for your family’s safety after all.

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