Knowing Your Responsibilities if Someone Is Injured on Your Property

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An injured individual in your property can be a very stressful situation, especially because you know that as the homeowner, you are partially responsible for their safety. That said, it’s essential to know what to do in a situation like this. After all, being informed can help make the experience a little less frustrating.

If a guest gets injured inside your property, you can get sued for personal injury. The law mandates that homeowners must maintain their homes to ensure the safety of everyone entering them- yes, even unwelcome guests can file a complaint. Failure to keep your home safe can make you liable for injuries sustained inside your premises.

And even though you have complied with the safety rules, someone can still get injured on your property. So while you might think that it’s impossible for someone to get hurt on your property, it’s still crucial to know the first steps to take in case emergencies happen.

Help the Injured Person
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Unless the injured person is a trespasser who intends to cause you harm, the first thing to do is help them. Evaluate the injury to identify if you need professional help (if the person is unconscious or bleeding excessively, call an ambulance right away). If not, you may opt to help them, give them first aid and drive them to the nearest hospital, if needed. You might need to take them to ER if they have sustained a significant injury.

But if the injured person is a trespasser, it’s best to keep your distance and call the authorities right away. They can manage the situation and arrest the person if necessary.

Document the Event

After helping the injured person or after authorities arrest the individual, it’s time to document the events that took place. Take photos of the environment, including the items and obstacles that caused the injury. If possible, gather witnesses and ask about how they witnessed the accident, the more witnesses you collect, the better.

If you figured that the object that caused the injury is indeed harmful, it would be best to remove it right away to prevent hurting others.

Call a Lawyer

At this point, probably the essential thing to do is call a personal injury attorney. You can ask the lawyer about the actions you must take and how that accident can affect your reputation. And even though the injured person does not intend to file a lawsuit, it doesn’t hurt to prepare. Find a lawyer you can trust and rely on; it would also be helpful to find someone who specializes in personal injury complaints.

Call Your Home Insurance Provider

It’s also important to notify your homeowner’s insurance provider right after the incident. Like your lawyer, they can help you take the essential steps and what documents you need to prepare if you want to file a claim.

Gather Documentation

After understanding the steps you must take to file a claim, it’s time to gather documentation. If the injured person intends to sue you, your lawyer will likely ask you to prepare documents.

Preparing documentation is rather stressful, especially if you are typically busy with your work or business. Besides, it may increase the tension between you and the other party. But despite that, it’s vital to stay organized. Keep all your documents in one folder and separate them according to their classifications (original copies, medical records, etc.).

Stay Calm

Do not let the stress overpower you. No matter how traumatic the experience could be, compose yourself and stay calm. Indeed, having an individual injured in your home is downright stressful, whether it’s your fault or not. But make sure to keep yourself calm throughout the process.

If the person decides to file a lawsuit, do not let your emotions get in the way. Allowing tensions to rise even more can only complicate things, not to mention cause a significant rift in your damaged relationship.

Seek support from the people you trust, but it would be best to keep valuable information between you and your lawyers. The details of the case are often too sensitive to discuss with just anyone. However, if you need to relieve stress, talk to your partner about how the situation is affecting you emotionally and spiritually.

Managing an injury on your property is easier if you know what to do, where to start, and who to talk to. So apart from keeping your property safe for everyone entering it, it would still be necessary to keep these tips in mind. Help the injured person, document the scene, call the authorities, contact your lawyer, and prepare all the necessary documents for filing a claim.

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