Raise Your Property Value by Focusing Outside

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Residential property values in Minneapolis have risen significantly during the past years. Recent events may have put it into a slump — but property values will get back to normal after the November elections. Houses are still selling and standout selling points are not just what’s inside them.

Landscaped Yards

Before entering your house, potential buyers would first get to see your lawn. Unkempt lawns can dissuade buyers — but even well-maintained grass can be overwhelming if there’s too much of it. If you’re planning to sell or just want your house to look extra spiffy, you’ll need the services of professional landscaping service providers. Landscaping adds 10-15 percent to your property’s estimated value.

Experts from the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) suggest allocating 10 percent of your house’s estimated value into landscaping in order to increase your property’s value by the same amount or more.

Wooden Decking

A wooden deck expands the perceived space of your house. It also covers a good part of your lawn — reducing the amount of maintenance. It makes a house more open and inviting. Install additional lighting or a firepit and you can entertain guests at all times. Of course, wooden decks will require periodic maintenance — especially if you won’t be selling in the next five years.

wood deck

Stone Veneers

Appearance is everything and one way to make your house more attractive and elegant is stone veneers. They give your house a more rustic and dignified look without being too garish. Stone veneers will not discolor or fade like paint. They reduce the need for frequent touch-ups. The average ROIs on stone veneers stand at 97 percent — assuring you’ll get most of your money back as well as increase your house’s chances of getting sold quickly.

An Outdoor Kitchen

Maintaining a sound indoor kitchen is a given — however, adding another one is a fairly new concept that’s quickly gaining ground. Outdoor kitchens are becoming quite popular and their average ROIs stand between 100-200 percent — guaranteeing you get back more than you put in. The extra kitchen will free up space in the house, encourage more grilling, as well as encourage gatherings between friends or family. It places your home at the center of the action and increases your social standing.

A Modern Garage

Men also have a say when it comes to buying houses and one thing that catches their attention is a proper garage. Car enthusiasts would pay a premium for a good garage and most garage upgrades recoup 100 percent of the money spent on them. If you don’t have the time for a full remodel, merely changing your garage door to a more modern one would also do the trick. Opt for fiberglass or wood composites. These materials have the same appearance as wood — but they are more resilient and require minimal maintenance.

When it comes to property, it’s not always what’s inside that counts. Pay more attention to the exterior of your house. In a packed property market — it could give you the edge.

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