Pest Infestation Symptoms: How to Tell if You Already Have Unwanted Guests at Home

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One of the things that any homeowner dreads is pest infestation. More than just bringing down a property’s value and being a health hazard to the occupants, it is just plain disgusting. The thought of having filthy insects and vermin running around your home is an unpleasant one. This can sometimes lead a homeowner to be paranoid. After all, most people are disgusted with creepy-crawlies.

The best way to prevent an infestation from happening to your home is to know how to look for signs of the presence of unwelcome guests at home.

5 Typical Signs of Insect Infestation

Where pests are concerned, homeowners should immediately take action to rid their homes of these unwanted guests. Exterminators should be called for termite, rodent, and mosquito control to preserve the house’s integrity and value and keep the occupants healthy and safe from diseases.

Some pest and insect colonies are harder to detect than others so here are a few tips from the pros about how to find out if you already have silent invaders at home:

1. Fecal droppings

One of the very first indicators of an infestation is droppings. When you start seeing urine trails and fecal droppings, that’s a clear sign that you have unwanted guests. Take note that while rodent and roach droppings are a lot easier to spot, some pests such as bed bugs and ticks do not leave visible trails. This is where thorough extermination comes in handy. Make sure that you examine every nook and cranny of your property for dropping, especially on beddings and linens.

2. Nesting evidence

While some pest colonies are a lot harder to detect, such as those of ants, termites, and roaches, others can be easily spotted if you know what to look for. Mice, for instance, will make nests out of anything that’s available to them, like leaves, small branches, shredded paper, and grass clippings. Once you spot a nest or two around your property, you already know what you have.

3. Greasy marks and trails

These indicators are tell-tale signs of rodent infestation. Mice and rats are quite known to make their way around a property on the same path. When they do, they leave behind a dark greasy trail mostly along walls.

4. Visible damages to the structure

One of the reasons why homeowners detest pests is because of all the damage they do to a property. Some pests like mosquitos, flies, ticks, and bed bugs are harmful to humans and animals. They not only cause discomfort when they bite, but they can also transmit serious diseases. Other pests have the capability to do some real damage to a property.

Take termites for instance. Although they also feed on materials such as drywall, paper, and plastic, they primarily feed on plants, trees, and wood. Once you get a termite infestation at home, they will chomp on your walls and other wooden parts of your home and can seriously cause a faulty foundation that will compromise your house’s structural integrity.

5. Damaged leaves on plants

Other than termites, a lot of pests also feed on plants and shrubs. If you start seeing visible damages to the plants and trees in your garden or bald patches on your lawn, chances are you’re already infested.

How to Tell if You Have a Rodent Problem

woman separating the curtains

Unlike some pests that are a lot harder to detect, rodent infestation — especially mice and rats — is a lot easier to spot. You’ll have a pretty good idea that you already have a rodent problem when you start seeing claw and bite marks on furniture, cables, and food containers. You’ll also notice droppings in cabinets and cupboards.

Roach Infestation Tell-Tale Signs

Roaches are one of the filthiest creatures on the planet and it’s quite harder to tell if you already have a roach infestation until their numbers have grown. It only takes one roach with an egg capsule that contains 30 to 40 roaches to fill your house. Some of the most obvious tell-tale signs that you have them at home are when you start seeing brownish red marks on your tiles, egg sacs, shed skins, and a funky musty smell in your bathroom and kitchen.

If you ever find out and confirm that you have an infestation at home, get in touch with professional exterminators so you can get rid of them. Don’t neglect the signs because the longer they stay, the worse the damage they can do to your home and the greater the health risks to your family.

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