Five Ways to Keep Your Home Safe From Intruders

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In recent years, there’s been a sharp increase in home invasions across the United States. There were about 1.4 million burglaries in 2017, and experts believe this will continue to increase in the coming years. Unfortunately, this has left many homeowners feeling unsafe and vulnerable in their own homes.

Home invasions can be problematic in many ways. Anyone who has experienced a home invasion will tell you it’s a very traumatizing event. It can also be costly, as you may need to replace damaged or stolen property. In addition, some people have been seriously injured or even killed during a home invasion.

It’s a big issue for everyone, and people would want to avoid it happening in the first place. So here are some tips to help you protect your home from a home invasion.

Install Fences

Fences play a significant role in home security. They create a physical barrier between your property and the outside world. This can deter potential burglars from even trying to break into your home. If you don’t have a fence, consider installing one.

There are different types of fences you can choose from. The most popular type is a chain-link fence. These are made from metal and are very strong and durable. Wood fences are also popular but are not as effective as chain-link fences. But if you want the best, then consider composite fences.

It’s also good to include a robust gate alongside your fences. A Trex composite deck gate is perfect for your home security system. It’s made from a strong and durable material that will keep your home safe from intruders. It’s also sturdy enough, making it hard for intruders to get in.

Heavy-Duty Locks

Your doors and windows are the weakest points in your home. This is where most burglars will try to break in. So, it’s essential to have heavy-duty locks on all your doors and windows.

There are different types of locks you can choose from. Deadbolts are the most common type of lock used in homes. They’re very strong and can’t be picked or forced open quickly. But if you want an even stronger lock, consider a biometric lock. This type of lock uses your fingerprint to unlock the door. So, only you and those you authorize can enter your home.

You should also consider installing bars on your windows. These make it difficult for burglars to break in through your windows.

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Home Alarm System

Another way to protect your home is by installing a home alarm system. Did you know that 38% of burglary victims were asleep during the crime? A home alarm system will alert you and the authorities if someone tries to break into your home. There are different types of alarm systems you can choose from.

The most common type is a wired system. This type of system is connected to your home’s electrical system. It’s not as easy as a wireless system, but it’s more reliable.

A wireless system is another option. This type of system uses batteries, so it’s easier to install. But the downside is that the batteries need to be replaced regularly.

There are also smart alarms that can be controlled using your smartphone. These are very convenient, but they’re also more expensive.

Choose the Right Lighting

Lighting is also an essential part of home security. For example, burglars are less likely to break into a well-lit home. So, it’s vital to have adequate lighting around your home.

There are different types of lighting you can choose from. The most common type is incandescent lighting. These are the traditional light bulbs that use a filament to produce light. They’re very inexpensive but not very energy-efficient.

LED lighting is a more energy-efficient option. These use semiconductors to produce light and use less energy than incandescent bulbs. They’re more expensive, but they’ll save you money in the long run.

Solar-powered lights are another option. These are powered by the sun, so they’re very environmentally friendly. They’re also easy to install but not as bright as other types of lighting.

Start a Neighborhood Watch

Sometimes the problem is not your home but rather the neighborhood you live in. If your neighborhood is unsafe, it’s more likely that burglars will target your home.

One way to make your neighborhood safer is by starting a neighborhood watch. This is where neighbors look out for each other and report any suspicious activity to the police. It’s a simple solution that requires a bit of dedication.

There are many things you can do to protect your home from burglars. But sometimes, the best defense is a good offense. A great way to deter potential burglars is to prepare your home against these crimes and make your neighborhood safer. Following the tips above, you can make your home a less attractive target for burglars.

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