How Your Plumbing Becomes a Costly Expense

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Although water prices are hiking up at a faster rate than ever because of nationwide infrastructure issues, you may still be facing an unusually higher bill than you might expect even as you monitor your water usage and limit it appropriately. If you’re noticing higher numbers than usual in your statement despite the same habits, you likely have a problem with your plumbing. Residential plumbers have noted that some of the most common repairs have to do with unseen damage, which is probably why you would never even know about it had you not seen your increased expenses.

Check out these possible issues in your home and nip the culprit in the bud:

Running toilet

Take note of your toilets at home and see if they are continuously running even when not actively used to flush. It’s more noticeable when it’s a steady stream, but sometimes the running is something you have to keep an eye or even an ear out. If you hear the water still going in your toilet, you could have any issue from a faulty flush handle or a leaking or overflowing valve to a flapper with problems with its seal. You can test each of these out to see which one is causing your toilet to keep running.

Leaky faucet

Do you hear a constant dripping? That is the telltale sign that your faucet leaks. In other cases, you may even see the leak springing from the base of your faucet, right under the handle. The latter may be less visible and more likely to be overlooked if you’re not actively checking for it. Monitor all your faucets because even if it seems like a small inconvenience, it can be one of the most significant contributors to your high bills if it is left unfixed.

Broken pipes

This one is a little harder to spot since all your piping is within your walls and floors, so you can’t keep a constant watch on these. However, the fact that your water bills may have become exorbitant is a telltale sign that can point to damaged pipes. Other factors to look out for are puddles in areas they shouldn’t be, like your ceiling, walls, and sections underneath unused sinks.

broken pipe

Clogged drain line

If you have a clog in your drain line, not only is it inconvenient, but it also makes it harder for water to flow properly throughout your plumbing. A major telltale factor that your main drain line has a problem is if you keep trying to unclog each drain, yet water still keeps backing up or going down slowly. The fix for this can be as simple as releasing some pressure, but more severe cases can require more concentrated solutions, like chemical and mechanical drain cleaning.

Outdoor irrigation leaks

If you live in a home with outdoor irrigation, it would be wise to check on that as well. It’s easier to look inside, but that is why it is even more pertinent to make sure you’re not overlooking the culprit. It usually manifests itself underground, and any good soil would seep all that water up nicely, leaving you none the wiser until you get your bill.

Whether you check these out yourself or get a professional to do so, make sure you take action quickly so that you can lessen the flood of expenses coming your way.

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