How to Make Your Studio Apartment Look and Feel Bigger

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At first glance, a studio apartment looks spacious. The lack of walls and other types of partitions, save for the bathroom, makes it look like a blank space waiting to be filled. But forgetting to take its spatial limitations into account might lead to decorating blunders that will make it look and feel smaller than it is.

Find out how to decorate this living space to make it seem bigger.

Invest in multifunctional furniture.

Every square inch matters in a studio apartment, which means utilising multifunctional furniture. Storage, for example, takes up a lot of valuable floor space. But you can’t have all of your things out in the open. When looking for storage equipment for your apartment, choose those designed to serve other purposes. These days, some beds come with built-in drawers. Aside from storage, consider your other furnishings. A recliner sofa is a good alternative to a pull-out bed or cot. Now, you can have family and friends over for the night without having to worry about their sleeping arrangement.

Create optical illusions.

You can make your studio apartment look bigger with smartly placed curtains and mirrors. When you hang curtains at ceiling height, they draw the eye upwards and create an illusion of lofted ceilings. You can also use your curtains to create partitions. Hang them around your bed to give yourself a little more privacy. Mirrors also work to make your space look bigger. It reflects your apartment and creates an illusion of more space. When it’s placed next to a window, it reflects more light into your apartment which makes it look bigger.

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Paint walls strategically.

The right kind of paint can make a room look more spacious than it is. Lighter coloured paints reflect natural light, rather than absorb it like darker paints. Painting your studio apartment white allows you to open up the space. If white walls seem boring, you can paint the ceiling instead. A lighter coloured ceiling will make it look higher than it is. This gives you a chance to paint your walls with a darker shade without making the space looked closed off.

Take advantage of natural light.

As mentioned, natural light makes a room look and feel bigger. Consider keeping your curtains open to let as much light into the space. If your windows don’t catch much sunlight, you can remedy the situation with lighting fixtures. Halogen light bulbs are designed to give off light that is similar to sunlight. But this type of lighting is more expensive and less energy efficient. A practical alternative would be LED lights. Although these don’t give off the same effect as halogen bulbs, they are cost-effective and provide your space with sufficient lighting.

Maximise your studio apartment’s space with these decorating tips. These days, designing your home is made easier with different tutorials and speciality stores, both online and in the real world. No matter how you choose to decorate your apartment, remember to stick with your personal preferences to make it truly yours.

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