Home Maintenance You Probably Let Slide (But Shouldn’t)

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Sometimes, people simply sweep things under the rug, both literally and in other ways. While this may also be the case for your home maintenance, that can only spell more trouble and costs later on. To save yourself the headache, make sure you remember to do these important home maintenance tasks even if it may seem like a hassle. It’s an investment that will make your home life more convenient, save you some extra costs down the road, and extend the lifespan of many appliances and home components.

  • Duct cleaning

Regular air duct cleaning is an important service that you should get done every couple of years. The benefits far outweigh the cost and you’ll find that it can even lower your energy consumption significantly because you’ll have better airflow and ventilation. As your HVAC system works throughout the year, it will inevitably start getting a build-up of things over time. This not only clogs things up, affecting the performance of your system but also causes some unwanted effects on your household members.

The common culprits that are found in an unclean duct are pollen, dander, dirt, dust, and even mold. These cause allergic reactions and put the household at risk of other infections and ailments. If you have filthy ductwork, you make yourself at risk of bacteria, allergens, and contaminants from pests.

  • Clearing out the roof

The roof is one of those things that tend to become out of sight, out of mind. It’s just up top doing its job protecting everything underneath. But being exposed to external elements, a lot can go wrong with a neglected roof. Debris can pile up, there could be cracks and holes from damage, the gutters could be clogged, and there could be loose parts. All of these things could even be true at the same time. ;

The time and effort it takes to check out the roof, clear things, and clean everything will be much more manageable than suddenly having a roof leaking or bowing in because it wasn’t checked on sooner. Inspect your roof thoroughly so you can make any necessary adjustments or repairs.

  • Cleaning the refrigerator coils


The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in the home, and arguably among the most hard-working since it’s on 24/7 for years on end. In order to keep it smoothly running, the refrigerator needs to have well-maintained coils. There is a myriad of things that could go wrong with the coils if left unmaintained, and it almost always ends in a scary spark or some food going to waste.

Make sure you clean these up regularly so that they don’t clog up, freeze over, or stop cooling. Any three of those issues can be a huge headache and a sign that you waited too long to fix things up. Not only will this inability to regulate the fridge’s temperature be a nuisance, but it is one the main reasons utility bills suddenly shoot up. It’s an added cost that only piles up over time, and puts more strain on your appliance.

  • Draining the water heater

Never forget to drain your water heater every year. If you’ve let a few years creep by without doing it, it can cause even more problems when you finally do, so make sure you don’t let this slide. Why must you drain it, you may ask? It’s because your heater collects sediment over time. These sediments can be anywhere from a few mounds of specks to inches of trouble.

This sediment makes it harder for your heater to function, so the actual heating takes longer and the pulled effort in energy costs more money. On top of that, it essentially cuts down the life cycle of your heater pretty significantly and can even cause blockages, cracks, and leaks. If you hear loud noises from your tank, chances are you’re already looking at a slight problem that was left around too long.

  • Checking the pipes

Ah, the pipes. These are all throughout your house, and you never see them, but you can sometimes hear them. You want to make sure that you have a clean water source and that you don’t have any costly leaks unbeknownst to you. This is even more important to check after colder months since pipes have a tendency to freeze over. You’ll also want to make sure that there is no corrosion since this can cause some pretty bad health hazards.

Among the pipe maintenance, you should do, try to soften your water, balance your water pressure, and keep checking for any sewage. This should help you avoid a major mess later on.

You shouldn’t beat yourself up if you slipped up on a few of these every now and then, but you should know that their importance is not to be taken lightly either. In order to keep your house in good shape, these things must be done.

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