Does Gutter Guard Really Work Against Leaves and Other Debris?

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Gutter cleaning is a tedious and dangerous undertaking, but it has to be done. Depending on the number of leaves and debris that get stuck to it, you may need to clean it four times a year. Spring and Fall season is the most frequent time to do some cleanup.

One of the solutions that are being done is to install a metal gutter safety and protection. But does it really work? Well, yes and no. If you’re thinking that by installing a gutter guard you no longer need to clean the gutter, then the answer is no. It is not a perfect solution against leaves and debris clogging your gutter.

While there are so many designs out there, and each has its strengths and weaknesses, none is a perfect solution to the problem. As long as you have trees in your home, some of the leaves and small branches can and will still get into your gutter and cause it to clog.

When it happens, you’ll have to clean it. On the other hand, if you’re thinking about reducing the frequency of gutter clean-up, then yes, a gutter guard can help. When installed correctly, it should lessen the number of times you’ll have to clean the gutter in a year.

Instead of cleaning it four times in a year, you might only need to clean it twice. Here are more reasons to install a gutter guard.


Reduce Gutter Clogging

As already mentioned, installing a gutter guard will not totally eradicate leaves and debris, but it will reduce the frequency of gutter clean up. It means that gutter clogging will also be reduced and this is already a lot when it comes to protecting your house from the downspout.

When the gutter is clogged, the water coming from the roof may get into your house. You don’t want this to happen because this water may carry molds and mildew into your home. Aside from that, when water gets into the house, it can damage its materials. This can lead to more significant problems requiring repairs.

Protect the Gutter Itself

Without a gutter guard, leaves and debris will definitely clog your gutter. This will cause water to remain in your gutter and cause it to corrode. When this happens, the gutter will become the haven of vermin, molds, and mildews. If this continues, eventually your gutter will rot, and dirty water will start getting into your house.

With a gutter guard, at least you’ll have some protection for your gutter. This will prolong its life and save you money on maintenance.

All seasons can pose a problem to your gutter. You need to check it in the Fall when leaves are falling frequently. Winter snow can clog your gutter, and Spring and Summer can also present their own issues. A gutter guard may not be a foolproof solution, but it helps a lot in these issues.

Install the right design for your home, but manage your expectations because all designs have their strengths and weaknesses.

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