Bathroom Renovations: Budget Tips and Mistakes Not to Make

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A lot of renovation happens during the pandemic. It cannot be helped; people spend more time at home, which is why a lot of them notice little things that need repairing in their home. This might be the case with your home, and the bathroom is one of the easiest to notice among the many rooms in your home.

Whether your bathroom needs an extreme makeover entailing demolition or just a few minor improvements, you’re most likely to search for a budget-friendly alternative. Renovation might require you to add a few vanity tiles to your bathroom or tear down a section of it. Your bathroom remodel may need you to do perfect planning so that your budget may stay within what you can spare.

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, here are some budget mistakes you won’t want to make, along with some tips to keep your budget at a safe level.

List Down Labor Costs

One of the factors that make a significant impact on your budget is the labor costs attributed to a bathroom job. According to experts, this takes about 50% of your planned budget. If you include other things like labor, then that will add up to the total cost.

If you want to keep that down, it is recommended to keep fixtures in a safe location when starting a small renovation project. Remember to keep it in an area where it won’t be of hindrance to anybody but is easily accessible. This is perfect when you’re only doing a small project, like a small bathroom or a powder room renovation.

Consider Repairs

There are many reasons why you might need to do repairs in your bathroom. For one, there might be water damage because of a faulty faucet or a leaky pipe. You need to check for that when you’re tearing out old tiles or fixtures, which might be the project you want to do in the first place. Finding damage like this bumps the cost significantly.

It’s not only water damage you need to look out for. You might suddenly find out there’s mold or mildew in your bathroom that cannot be remedied with just cleaning. These need the attention of a professional, and that would only add to your costs some more. Be prepared for things like this.

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Know Which Permits are Needed

In the first place, the repair crew working on your home will know whether they need to use permits on the job at hand or not. If it’s something small, like replacing tiles, fixtures, or fixing minor damages and repairs, then it might not require a lot on your part.

However, if it’s something like tearing down a wall or resizing your bathroom, then it may need permits from the local government. It’s always best to have the professionals do these repairs. If it’s something small, and you know how to repair it, then you may remedy that.

So far, if you’ve followed these, you’re in the right flow. Now here’s a couple of tips on what not to do if you want to keep your renovation right.

Fixtures That are More ‘Aesthetic’

Most new planners always choose the appearance of a fixture over its function. This is something you should avoid since there are fixtures that could do the work of two; if you keep choosing fixtures for their appearance, then you might quickly run out of space to place them.

If you really want to choose aesthetic over function, then consider repairing your kitchen first. All the aesthetics in the world won’t do a thing if your kitchen fixture is corroded or it is not repaired properly.

Not Space-Planning Properly

Sometimes, your long-planned renovation could turn out to be moving a fixture or two in one place or removing a piece of unneeded furniture. If it’s this simple, then you’re lucky. Space is something people need to plan for and, sadly, a lot of people just choose to ‘wing it’ or leave the appearance of their bathrooms to fate.

Use storage solutions that can be stowed out of the way, so you can make use of that space you’re creating. Ensure that there is adequate space for the fixtures you’re using too, so you won’t have problems trying to figure out where to place other things when returning them.

Whether you only need to sell some items or create space by removing a wall or two is up to you. Remember to do all the proper processes first before you start a project or renovate your bathroom.

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