Cool for Summer: Preparing the AC Unit During Warm Months

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As spring finally draws to an end, this only means one thing: summer is just around the corner. Warmer weather often reminds us of beach trips and the anticipation of free time outdoors, but for the average homeowner, summer means turning back on the cooling systems at home, including air-conditioning units. Although air conditioners give us the cool air we need during summer, they can also put pressure on electricity consumption, resulting in skyrocketing energy bills.

People value comfort and convenience, and conditioning the air of your living space to stay cool is a top priority and basic expectation for every homeowner. Whether the system is working inefficiently, our homes can turn into a miserable place without proper air conditioning. In this case, homeowners turn to air-conditioning professionals for repair services to keep their air-conditioning unit in working order throughout the summer months.

Proper maintenance of your home’s air-conditioning systems can significantly affect your family’s comfort and well-being. To better prepare your cooling systems in the coming summer months, here are ways to keep them in good shape during the warm season.

Check the air filter

HVAC systems, particularly the AC unit, have one or two air filters that need regular changing as often as needed. One of the most basic and important maintenance tasks for an AC unit is changing the air filter. In fact, according to most technicians, the air filter is the only thing you should touch in the AC unit.

The more often you run the AC unit, the more dirt and dust it accumulates. Since the AC unit will be working more often during summer, it’s important to change the filter regularly to ensure clean and cool air circulating the house.

One of the most common questions about AC units is how often you should replace the air filter. Depending on the filter type, it needs regular changing every one to three months. Other factors also include the frequency of use, number of people and pets, and house dwellers with allergies. The presence of dust, mold, moisture, and allergens can affect the air quality at home, so it’s important to change the air filter regularly.

When buying a new air filter, make sure to get the correct size and type for the AC unit. If you’re unsure about which filter to install, call a technician to check the air filter and have it replaced. If you’re doing it yourself, make sure the proper placement of the air filter with the airflow arrows placed in the same direction.

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Inspect sealing and insulation

Proper sealing and insulation help the AC unit to run safely and smoothly. Home insulation is important not only during winter but also in the summer. Proper insulation is necessary to control the airflow around the house. You can choose to insulate the doors, windows, walls, roofs, and attic.

Allowing the cold air to escape and letting the hot air in affects your comfort level and the AC unit’s system. It causes the machine to work harder, driving the electricity bills higher. Leaky ductwork will also lessen the energy efficiency of the cooling system by 25%, so it’s important to conduct a pressure test through an HVAC expert. This way, they can determine if the AC’s ductwork is wasting money and energy.

Schedule a maintenance

Let’s face it, not everyone knows how to fix an AC unit. Tackling repairs and conducting maintenance is particularly tough and risky, especially if you don’t have the knowledge and skills in handling HVAC systems.

A professional HVAC expert is an ideal choice to prepare the AC unit for warm weather. Too little or too many adjustments can heavily affect the AC unit’s efficiency, so it’s important to have a qualified professional tackle complex issues, such as wiring and loose connections.

Certified HVAC technicians can do plenty of repairs and maintenance for the AC unit. These include lubricating moving parts, examining the air blower, and checking the entire system. Routine checkups also include the checking of wiring, electrical connections, condensation drain, refrigerant levels, and other critical components.

An important reminder is to call an AC technician before summer because repair companies often have a full schedule during warm months. Summer is also the time when almost every homeowner is scrambling to prepare their AC units or experiencing the same issues because of overworked cooling systems. To save time, hire a professional HVAC company for a whole year of air-conditioning inspection, checkup, and service.

Preventive maintenance for a functional AC unit is the best way to manage the system’s efficiency, effectiveness, and health. It also extends the lifespan of the cooling system and allows it to function at up to 25% power efficiency, resulting in lower electricity bills.

Preparing your home for the coming summer months is something every homeowner should take seriously, especially those living in warmer climates. In this case, proper maintenance of the air-conditioning unit can make a difference in the quality of air in your home and your electricity bills.

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